Puppies By our Stud dogs

We guarantee the veracity of the Health Tests/ Hip and Elbow scores/ DNA Tests, etc of our stud dogs and our bitches.
We will not be held responsible for the veracity of the Health Tests/ Hip and Elbow scores/ DNA Tests etc, of bitches mated to our stud dogs.

To buy puppies by our stud dogs but bred by other breeders, please contact the breeders concerned


Keep checking back here for up coming litters with other  breeders

Fishersgate Carnival Girl (Rio) has been mated to Shadow , a black and yellow litter is expected very late may or early  June, please contact Sarah  at   busby.sj@gmail.com   or 0272345736

Northcape AO Eliza Do Little  ( Lizzie ) has been mated to Eddie.. a black and yellow litter is expected  mid may please contact sue  on northcapelabs@xtra.co.nz   or phone 02102240221

Maggie May of TeAwa   ( Maggie) Has been mated to Shadow... A black and yellow litter is expected early may,  please contact Maggie's Owner Vicki  on 

0275307628       vicandwok@gmail.com

Lochtarn Midnight Eva (Eva) Has  an all black litter  Alfie, Please contact Eva's owner Keith       kblascelles@gmail.com

Grafmere Lavender Girl (Amy ) has been mated to Eric, a black and chocolate litter is expected  in may please contact Jody   trombonejody@gmail.com​

Penny May of Awavale  ( Penny)  Has  and all yellow litter by Eddie  there are 3 dog puppies available . Please contact her owner Jody    trombonejody@gmail.com​









Silver Labrador breeders are actively looking to purchase pedigree chocolate labradors - bitches in particular. I strongly recommend all puppy pedigrees be endorsed "not to be bred from".   I have a list of names and aliases by the silver breeders that should ring alarm bells.  I am happy to provide these names over the phone. I also have a list of kennel names that should be avoided.


The silver colour is produced by the crossing of labradors and weimeraners many years ago in the USA. It is actually genetically impossible for a genuine labrador to produce a silver coloured dog as the coat colour dilution gene has been turned off in the labrador.

Silver labradors are being fraudulently registered as chocolates. The New Zealanad Kennel Club does not recognise these dogs as pedigree labradors.