RBISS NZCH Willowspring Lest we Forget - AI (Brooke)

  • Black (y,c)
  • Bitch
  • DOB 25/04/2017
  • Hips 0/0
  • Elbows 0/0
  • Dilute CLEAR
  • long coat CLEAR


 Brooke's Critique  under Lisa Weiss (Lobuff Labradors USA0

Junior in show

I love my first bitch, she is balanced, good ratio from ground to withers, pretty right through to her feet, tail never stopped wagging, good angles, matching  front to rear, pretty face.


NZCH Willowspring Bella Italiana (AI)

DOB 22/09/2014

  • Sex Bitch
  • Yellow 
  • Hips 0/2
  • Elbows 0/0
  • PRA Clear By Parentage
  • EIC clear by parentage
  • Dilute Clear
  • HNPK Clear


Anna's critiques under Sue Marskel (Berolee Labradors UK)

Very balanced yellow. Good head, correct ear set which she used well. Lovely strong topline and tailset. Tail never stopped wagging. Very confident, well boned and neat feet. Well angulated front and rear. Moved very well.

NZCH Willowspring I’m In Fiamme (AI)

DOB 24/09/2014

  • Sex Bitch
  • Yellow (c)
  • Hips 5/6
  • Elbows 0/0
  • HNPK carrier
  • Long coat clear
  • Dilute Clear
  • PRA Clear By Parentage
  • EIC clear by parentage


Elsa's critique from Sue Marskell (Berolee Labradors UK)

Very showy, balanced and sure of herself yellow bitch. Good pigment, correct bite and good ear set. Moves so positively for one so young. Fantastic rear quarters, lovely neck and shoulder placement.

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