Black Hills Labradors

About Us

Trisha and Kevin Hallmond own Black Hills Labradors, breeding Labrador puppies in yellow, black and chocolate colours.

Our dogs live a very healthy lifestyle and are regularly taken on fishing and hunting trips.

Growing up on a sheep farm just out of Taupo, New Zealand, dogs have always been part of my life.

My first memory of a pedigree Labrador was the family hunting dog, a black bitch call “Black Bess of Thorby” (Bess).

When Kevin and I were married, he brought with him a black bitch called “Pitch”.

She was an outstanding hunter but unfortunately she turned out to have very bad hips — but still lived to 16 years.

Our next labrador was “Kouratahi Tar Baby” (Tessa). She was given to us on permanent loan from Yvonne Medlicott of Kahilani kennels. Most of our dogs go back to Tessa. This bitch was a very intelligent hunter and very few ducks ever got away.

If my present day dogs have half the brain power this bitch had then I will be more than happy. Marsh is her grandson and in his day he was as much a thinking hunter as her. He is also a grandson of Int/world/Fr/Am Champion Sandy lands Rip Van Winkle.

I believe there should be no difference between the hunting and show lines. Both these dogs’ pedigrees are based on show lines. A true Labrador should be able to be hunting one day and in the show ring the next.

Our first chocolate was also from Kahilani Kennels “Kahilahi Fair Enuff” — also a grandson of Tessa. We never bred from “Ka” as he met with an unfortunate accident before we could.

All our dogs are hunted, not at trials but rough shooting out in the field. Both our sons are keen hunters, both for deer and ducks, so the dogs get good workouts.

While I do show my dogs. I far prefer to be out in the field watching the dogs work and do what Labradors were bred to do.

Trisha Hallmond